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Welcoming Tommy Humphreys to the Resource Opportunities Team

I am very pleased to welcome Tommy Humphreys to the Resource Opportunities team.

Tommy is a bright, energetic young man with exceptional contacts in the mining industry. He earned a great deal of respect for building the website, which has become an important information source, especially with regard to people and insights in the mining industry (See Lukas Lundin, Dave Lowell and other examples of Tommy’s unprecedented interviews).

One of the most important elements in the success of Resource Opportunities over the years has been in building close relationships with influential people, and in identifying the rising stars. We learned early that the people running the company and advancing the projects are the most important element in the success of any company.

Tommy has the respect of the old guard in our industry, and is equally tied in with the new generation of younger mining executives, geologists, engineers, investment bankers and analysts.

He is committed to identifying the up-coming talent: to being the first to identify the people who the other media will report on in two or three years’ time, after they have achieved success. Tommy will also continue to gain knowledge and insights from the people who are now the most influential players in this market. His relationships (current and future) will greatly enhance our analytical abilities and help us to be the first to identify the exciting new deals that can make money for subscribers.

I am looking forward to working with Tommy on upcoming issues, and the renewed energy he brings this newsletter.

We plan to further strengthen the team in the near term, with the next target being an experienced mining engineer.

Please join me in welcoming Tommy Humphreys to the Resource Opportunities team.

Lawrence Roulston