Subscriber Reviews

The following are real life reviews from Resource Opportunities subscribers.

“Lawrence is by far the best newsletter writer. He’s made more money for me than my 5 other newsletter subscriptions combined” – H.H., Washington

“It’s nice to have someone of your expertise and diligence to lean on.” – A.L.

“The very best newsletter in the resources field by far. Wished I had you from the very beginning. Meticulous research and excellent writing.” – W.P., Pennsylvania

“Many thanks for this…as usual, down to earth, sensible and values based…as distinguished from many gold letters.” – H.A.

“Thanks for answering my questions. I really appreciate your comments and your insight.” — C.R.

“Thanks again for your help. You are a straight shooter and by far the best gold stock analyst around”. — M.S., New York

“I always appreciate your excellent and solid research!” — C.R.

“You have an excellent publication and I appreciate your concern.” – J.L.R.

“You sent me a complimentary report a few weeks ago to get the feel of things. I like they way you folks operate in a nice, human, and friendly way.” – R.B.

“I’m a friend of Jay Taylor’s, who recommended Lawrence Roulston as a man of integrity and an able advisor in his own right for the gold stocks, and I like to have a second point of perspective on emerging juniors besides Jay’s.” D.B.

“I became a subscriber in April of 2002. After carefully reading and re-reading the first couple of issues I started to build a position in NDM after your August 2002-2 update, and continues adding on through year end….needless to say, it has turned out to be a winner, and I want to give you a “tip of the cap” and a thanks for doing good analysis work and writing this recommendation.

“The reason why I’m retiring is because you have made me so much money.” — H.G.,

I have subscribed to various other gold newsletters over the years, so tend to be quite careful in trying to learn each writer’s subtleties in style, and in “reading between the lines” to separate the wheat from the chaff, and I have found your style and substance to be the most straightforward, informative, and easy to read.” — C.G.

“Superb job on the Southwestern review.  A great job of explaining the geology from square one.”  Brien Lundin, editor, Gold Newsletter

“Thank you for your great articles. My wife and I find your commentary both insightful and informative. Keep up the good work.” — K.E.N, Florida  

“Thanks again for a fantastic newsletter.” J.P.

“We are very happy to be on board. We felt that out of all the many newsletters around, you are the best.” – S.D.

“Lawrence, I would like you to know that I am extremely pleased with my subscription to Resource Opportunities. I find your newsletter to be excellent, giving me a good sense of the different companies you discuss. I use the confidence I have with stocks you like to hang on through the inevitable downturns.

I can say my comfort level investing in this sector has increased immeasurable since I started subscribing to your newsletter. In particular I appreciate the interim updates which you send out occasionally. Thanks very much.” –S.S.

“Count me in as a subscriber for the next couple of years at least. My experience with your service (and Katy’s) has been exemplary.” E.F.

“Your service is by far the best of the newsletters I take.” B.B.

“Wow, this is great info, thank you very much. I definitely have some good service for my money.” T.D.

“Henry Kissinger once said that there was very little ‘new’ in foreign affairs. What was really new, he noted, was the superior analysis of the well-known fact or event. I would certainly rank your latest issue of Resource Opportunities as bringing a very fresh perspective to a much-discussed subject.

Not only was it the best issue of RO I have read, but also it is one of the best summation pieces on silver I’ve come across. And I do read all the ‘usual suspects’ like yourself, Doug Casey, Rick Rule, Peter Grandich, Bishop, etc.” – K.C.