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From the Desk of James Kwantes:

Dear reader,

I’d like to personally welcome you to Resource Opportunities.

What you’re going to discover here is first class research, interesting new ideas, and some of the best kept secrets of the most successful resource investors in the world.

Frankly, you couldn’t be coming here at a better time either.

Since 2007 the resource market has been in steady decline.

The TSX Venture Exchange Index, which tracks the performance of most resource development companies, has dropped 85% from its 2007 highs.

The last three years have been the worst. After a brief post-2008 credit crisis bounce that ended in 2011, the TSX Venture Index has resumed its slide. It’s down more than 65% since then.

Most investors turn away from this kind of abysmal performance.  Others see it is a tremendous opportunity.

When Resource Opportunities was founded in 1998 the situation in resource stocks was very similar to today.

The overall markets were doing very well. The tech bubble was in full swing, but resource stocks were in a multi-year bear market. Many of them were down 80% to 90% from their past highs;  no one wanted anything to do with them.

The next few years were a surprise to most investors. While tech stocks crashed, gold, oil, and commodities prices across the board began to steadily rise.  Companies focused on finding and developing natural resources (the kinds of companies Resource Opportunities focuses on) saw their stock prices soar.

Specifically, Resource Opportunities profiled:

  • Thirty stocks that went on to rise more than 500%
  • Six stocks that soared more than 5000%

At first glance it appeared to be the worst time to be invested in resource stocks, but It was actually the best time.

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Best regards,

James Kwantes
Editor, Resource Opportunities